The PROJECT JFA was hired by Fortaks Development Group to develop a mixed-use master plan for a parcel of land, located just south of the city center, known throughout Kiev as the site of the famous “Motherland Statue”. The statue is a national tourist destination and attracts thousands of visitors each year. The client outlined a..


The Project JFA was asked to create a conceptual design for a residential tower to be located in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. The challenge is for the new building to appear contemporary, but also to sit comfortably within the architectural character of the neighborhood, which consists of numerous turn-of-the-century industrial buildings. The character..


The PROJECT The city of Kiev is in the process of undergoing major transformations. Many pieces of land have recently exchanged hands are being reconsidered for large scale development. As the municipality clarifies its vision for the city, many local developers are conducting feasibility studies. Over time, JFA has been asked by various developers in Kiev..


The PROJECT The master plan is organized by extending one of the major streets of Batumi (Rustaveli Avenue) into the site, which roughly splits the site into a northern and southern zone. The southern zone which consists primarily of the marina village, is designed to connect the new waterfront to the rest of the city, by..


The Project JFA was commissioned to design a mixed use tower in the financial district of Lower Manhattan. The developers desire to maximize the allowable build-able floor area meant creating a building which included residential, commercial and retail floor area. The property on which the proposed tower will sit is unusually narrow and will thus..


The Project Amstar awarded JFA the contract to provide a conceptual interior design for the public spaces of a new high-rise residential building in Kiev aptly named “Skyline”. The scope included the reception/lobby, clubroom and other residential common areas. Skyline is a uniquely “western” looking building in the heart of Kiev. It has been designed and..


The PROJECT This Tower will be part of Phase I of the master plan for this site. The design of the tower is driven by two ideas – to create an iconic profile on the Batumi skyline, and to maximize the views out of the building for every residential unit. A triangular floor plate has been..


The project JFA was commissioned by Meadow Partners to design a residential building for the burgeoning residential neighborhood on Crescent Street in Long Island City. The project, which is approximately 50,000 sf, will be a 13-story building consisting of 48 rental units including a penthouse unit. Of the building’s 4 facades, 2 will be on the..


The PROJECT JFA was commissioned by TASYAPI to develop a concept mixed-use master plan for a 19.25 hectare parcel of land located approximately 2 Kilometers west of the Ankara’s city center. JFA was asked to design a high-density residential district while preserving the site’s topographic, landscaping, and cultural characteristics. During the analysis stage, JFA identified the..