The PROJECT JFA was hired by Fortaks Development Group to develop a mixed-use master plan for a parcel of land, located just south of the city center, known throughout Kiev as the site of the famous “Motherland Statue”. The statue is a national tourist destination and attracts thousands of visitors each year. The client outlined a..


The PROJECT The city of Kiev is in the process of undergoing major transformations. Many pieces of land have recently exchanged hands are being reconsidered for large scale development. As the municipality clarifies its vision for the city, many local developers are conducting feasibility studies. Over time, JFA has been asked by various developers in Kiev..


The PROJECT Situated in Kakheti, the heartland of Georgia’s wine region, the new Radisson Wine Resort at Tsinandali bridges the millennia-old tradition of wine making in the Southern Caucasus and current global trends in cultural tourism, creating a unique guest experience. JFA was hired by Silk Road Group to re-purpose the historic wine factory at Tsinandali,..