Ain Sukhna

The Project JFA was asked by SIDC to develop in innovative concept design for a new shopping center to be located on the main highway that connects Cairo with Hurghada, a resort city on the Red Sea. The developers envisioned a commercial center whose theme would be Egypt’s history. Given the linearity of the site,..


The PROJECT The master plan is organized by extending one of the major streets of Batumi (Rustaveli Avenue) into the site, which roughly splits the site into a northern and southern zone. The southern zone which consists primarily of the marina village, is designed to connect the new waterfront to the rest of the city, by..


The Project Pushkinsky Complex is a 35,000 m2 mixed use, high-rise development located in downtown Donetsk (Ukraine). The Complex is being developed by ESTA Holding, a Ukrainian development firm. Consisting of a tower and a large base area, the building complex includes office space, residential units and amenities as well as retail areas. In addition..


The PROJECT Andreevskiy Office Complex was designed to be an 86,000 m2 building located in Podol, a historic district of well-preserved buildings in Kiev. The building was being developed by ESTA Holding, one of Ukraine’s leading real estate development firms. With a footprint of approximately 10,000 m2, the building was to be eight stories tall and..


The Project JFA was commissioned to design a mixed use tower in the financial district of Lower Manhattan. The developers desire to maximize the allowable build-able floor area meant creating a building which included residential, commercial and retail floor area. The property on which the proposed tower will sit is unusually narrow and will thus..


The PROJECT JFA was commissioned by TASYAPI to develop a concept mixed-use master plan for a 19.25 hectare parcel of land located approximately 2 Kilometers west of the Ankara’s city center. JFA was asked to design a high-density residential district while preserving the site’s topographic, landscaping, and cultural characteristics. During the analysis stage, JFA identified the..