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Be it a design for a building, a logo, a master plan, or a positioning statement, or in any of the comprehensive DESIGN services we provide, the common thread that runs through everything we create begins with a well-organized, rational concept, whose beauty lies in its clarity and simplicity.

"Then Beauty of Style and Harmony and Grace and good Rhythm, depend on Simplicity..."
Plato, The Republic, Book III


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Founded in 2009 by John Fotiadis, a licensed architect with decades of international experience, JFA is more than just an architecture firm. JFA provides architectural design and general design consulting services both in it’s native New York and abroad. Since the firm’s founding, JFA  has designed a number of notable and iconic architectural projects. In addition, JFA is now providing branding and marketing services, as well as strategy and product positioning services for its clients.
JFA is a lean and efficient firm which encompasses all aspects of design, by leveraging the collective experience of its staff as well as an extended network of building and marketing experts at its disposal.

The mission

First and foremost, is to provide unparalleled value for its clients. JFA meets this goal by implementing cutting edge communication and design technologies. JFA is known for generating comprehensive design work quickly and economically, and being ready to respond to changing client needs in real time.
Driven by a work ethic and perspective which is international in character, the firm continues to secure commissions both in the United States and abroad despite the inevitable challenges of changing economic and geopolitical environments.

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John Fotiadis brings over 25 years of professional, international design experience providing clients with unique, branded architectural solutions. He is a seasoned administrator and manager of multi-disciplinary teams having managed as many as 25 individuals on a single design project.

His international business experience – fueled by a keen interest in history, culture and a general facility with foreign languages (fluency in English, Greek, Italian) – has made him known in multiple regions as a unique foreign consultant operating with the finesse and awareness of a local expert. He has gained a broad knowledge of the geopolitical dynamics of Eastern European / Middle East, honed through significant activity in those markets (Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey).

John is also a recognized speaker in the international real estate community – he has delivered keynote speeches at several seminars and forums in US and Eastern Europe – specifically on branding in contemporary residential design, and historical precedents for current design trends. He was one of the first speakers to coin and use the term “brandchitecture” in Eastern Europe.

John leverages his expertise in high-rise residential design, urban design, master planning, and hospitality design to create an approach with clients which is always collaborative in nature. He is driven by the notion that while an architect must bring value to every stage of a project, generating the primary concept or
“BIG IDEA” as he often refers to it, is the most valuable service the architect can provide.
This has become a core philosophy at JFA.

John and the JFA team, are best known for their ability to quickly understand and asses the numerous factors impacting the design of a project, including deriving a value proposition with the client and creating a positioning statement, which will ultimately lead to the concept. All of these factors, combined with the team’s unique cultural backgrounds bring a distinctive perspective to the work which is evident throughout the JFA portfolio of projects.

John Fotiadis, AIA
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JFA provides all phases of architectural design from Concept Design through Construction Administration. JFA’s architectural design services are rooted in the principal that successful projects, in addition to benefiting their occupants, environments, and communities they reside in, must create a positive return on investment for their developers. A great design and great business model need not be mutually exclusive. At JFA we believe the two are inseparable.

Master Planning / Urban Design

Master planning is a service that JFA has been providing from its inception. In master planning projects, JFA is often asked to develop a program as well as a design solution. Through careful analysis of context and marketplace, as well as an application of specific experience, JFA has provided visionary phased master plans that consider economic as well as environmental sustainability. When asked to refine the master plan, JFA considers the boundary between the master planning and the architecture to be the urban design component of the project, whose parameters are determined by the scope of work the client provides.

Interior Design

JFA provides interior design services for commercial, residential, and mixed-use projects. In all cases JFA envisions the interior design as the primary opportunity to underscore and re-enforce the brand identity of a project. Be it a luxury high-rise residential tower or the public corridors of an office building, JFA’s approach to interior design creates a cohesive brand identity while simultaneously providing innovative, functional and comfortable interiors.

IDEATION / Consulting Services

At client's request JFA conducts ideation sessions. These are intense and immersive short term work sessions with the client team (2-3 days), that result in a clear and powerful idea that can simultaneously translate into an architectural concept AND a brand identity. JFA also partners with other consultants (including designers) at client's request, to offer a broader array of design solutions quickly and efficiently. JFA is also available for third party consulting including peer review and feasibility studies.

Branding / Marketing

Successful design is intrinsically connected with the challenge of perception. JFA has developed a unique expertise and understanding of branding as it pertains to architecture. JFA collaborates with clients to define a project's value proposition, create a positioning statement, and ultimately, a comprehensive branding initiative manifesting in the design concept.


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