John Fotiadis to be featured keynote speaker at 5th Annual International Architecture Forum. Kyiv, Ukraine June 30, 2016

John Fotiadis, Principal and Founder of John Fotiadis Architect PLLC (“JFA”). will be the featured keynote speaker at the 5th Annual International Architectural Forum, which will take place on June 30, 2016 in Kyiv, Ukraine, organized by Commercial Property Magazine, Ukraine’s leading real estate industry publication.

This will be John’s’ second appearance at the forum, as he was one of participants in the first International Architectural Forum in 2012. At this year’s forum John Fotiadis will present the keynote address entitled, “Modern Architecture NOW: Form, Function, Value, Meaning- A Report from New York.” See the synopsis below.

“Modern Architecture NOW:
Form, Function, Meaning, Value – A report from New York” – A Presentation by John Fotiadis


“Modern” Architecture, especially as compared to previous styles and periods, is often defined as being rational, functional, and economical.

While the predominant architectural style of the 20th century (‘modernism”), was rooted in a philosophy of utility, in which “ornament is crime”, the global architectural trend of the early 21st century is now evolving into something completely different.

Largely driven by new material and design technologies (such as BIM software), as well as a pressure on developers to create value by offering unique and “Iconic” buildings to an increasingly competitive marketplace, form and function in architecture are becoming more and more disassociated from each other. The one binding element that preserves the relationship, is “meaning”, which creates the ultimate value for the end user.

Does form still follow function? It depends what you mean by “function”.

John Fotiadis will discuss this phenomenon and its implications for the people who design, finance, and ultimately occupy these new buildings, by citing examples of contemporary architecture in which “meaning” is a brand identity that has translated into a representation of cultural value.

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